my favorite cartoon since forever. i still haven't forgiven netflix for taking the show off and forcing me onto dailymotion


Links to other IZ related pages.

AGENT KREE - Invader Zim fansite with gifs, episode scripts, summaries and more.

INVADER ZIM WIKI - Has a lot of IZ related info, including a lot of theorizing about things Jhonen Vasquez definitely didn't think that much about, like the Irken language, society, biology, and so on.

At some point I am going to download every episode of Invader Zim off of the various video sites they can be found and compile them all somewhere. Not entirely sure how I'll do that. I could just host all the MP4s here on my site, but I only have like, 1GB of space? It'd definitely fit, but it'd take up a lot of room. But that being said, putting it all on Youtube won't work because Youtube hates this cartoon so much. I'll figure it out probably.