This is my favorite cartoon ever. This show is really cool O.K.? It absolutely changed the game for me when I was 8. We need to print out each frame from every episode, frame them, and hang them in the Louvre. I could write essays about this show. I might.



Other IZ related pages and resources.

  • Agent Kree - Invader Zim fansite with gifs, links to other sites, and more :-]
  • IZ WIKI - Has a lot of IZ related info, including full episode transcripts and a lot of theorizing about things Jhonen Vasquez definitely didn't think that much about.
  • AI Upscaled Episodes - Every episode of the show including the pilot, but upscaled by an AI. I'm gonna be honest I don't really notice a difference. They don't look, like, 4K or anything. But it is every episode.
  • Invader Font - Downloads Invader.TFF, the Invader Zim title font used at the top of this page.
  • Irken Font - Downloads Irken.TFF, the font used for the Irken script on this page.


  • A ranked list of every episode, made while rewatching them all again. Also tracking times a pig squeal sound effect is played, times a pig appears on-screen, times the size of Dib's head is commented on, times someone repeats the same word or phrase 3+ times in slightly different tones, etc.
  • One of these days I'm going to be awake at 4 AM and decide to just write a complete essay on my personal interpretation of show's themes, particularly my theory that the show has themes.
  • In the event that I draw a Zim comic, it will be here.