These occasionally well-written horror stories gave me countless nightmares as a child and yet I kept reading them despite--or possibly because of this.

There was one Halloween where I think I was dressed as a zombie or something? I was trick-or-treating with my parents in the nicer-than-our neighborhood we'd usually go to on Halloween. I was having a pretty good time and there were a lot of kids and families out, a lot of the people living in this neighborhood treated Halloween pretty seriously so there would always be a lot of interesting stuff, like this one guy who, every year, would whip out a bunch of fog machines in his front yard and scare children with a loud prop chainsaw, but give a good handful of candy to any brave enough to actually approach. I think I had just faced this man and was feeling kind of jumpy as a result (it was worth it every time, but to this day I am still very nervous around prop chainsaws) and was walking along the sidewalk counting the loot in the plastic Jack-O-Lantern candy holder thing.

I remember turning around and that is when I saw him.

There was just Slenderman standing there on the sidewalk. Nowadays I am 60% sure that it was just a guy in a costume, but you don't understand. He was absolutely taller than a normal person. Maybe it was because it was dark, but you couldn't really see the kind of vague face-shaped silhouette you usually see when someone's wearing a Slenderman costume that covers their face. You can usually see kind of a point where the fabric is stretched over their nose but I swear to god it was just smooth. He wasn't even doing anything, he was just standing there stock still being gawked at by children. Do you know what it's like being 9-10 years old with a troubling Creepypasta habit, seeing Slenderman in the flesh behind you on Halloween mere minutes after facing Leatherface's Fog Machine Bonanza? My god.

Anyway, I also had a nightmare once when I was little that went like this: That one still image of a face photoshopped into Jeff the Killer that used to go around a lot appeared in my mind for a few seconds until I woke up terrified and in a cold sweat. I think it took me like twenty minutes to fall back asleep. That was the entire nightmare.

All this being said, here's the rest of the page.



My all-time favorites.

BEN DROWNED - You can not go wrong with Ben Drowned. The idea of adding gameplay videos to a "haunted/evil ROM hack" creepypasta just adds so much. The whole thing is just well-made, not even just for a creepypasta. It's good.

GODZILLA NES - Another really good haunted videogame story. Where Ben Drowned has gameplay videos, Godzilla NES has "screenshots": Pictures of the game with really good pixel horror art. It is one of life's greatest mysteries that I managed to go my whole childhood without having a nightmare about Red.

LINDA WATSON - I never actually read this one until after Doki Doki Literature Club came out and I found this story hidden in the files. It's very different from the two stories above, but I do think it's a good horror story. This is what would happen if Patrick Bateman was a college girl.

RUSSIAN SLEEP EXPERIMENT - Like Ben Drowned, a classic. A terrifying look into what happens to the human body after drinking too many Monster Energies during finals week.

CANDLE COVE - This one is short but good. This is written by the creator of Local58, which I think was the first real analog horror thing on Youtube? Do not quote me on that. I love to grind skin.

I got Tania. Eyeless Jack and Laughing Jack aren't my personal favorites, but I'm okay with this. I know how to use dissection tools because I taxidermied a rat once.