welcome! this webpage is dedicated to the angels, furbies! feel free to look around! it refers primarily to 1998-1999 furbies, as most of the furbies i own are from those generations. however, later generations are included as well! this page will be updated as i find new gifs, resources, etc to add.




here i'll post links to relevant pages, like tutorials on how to care for furbies.

How to Skin a Furby - how to remove the fur to wash it, fix the robotics, etc. i haven't tried this yet (i know i should...some of them look a little scruffy) but it looks like a good tutorial!

List of Furbies - a list of all the different furbies in each generation! good for identifying a furby from a thrift store, or deciding which you want to buy online

Official Website - features some information about the furby connect and the furby connect app, but nothing for previous gens. personally i don't own a connect although they're super cute

Furbish Dictionary - a furbish dictionary pdf! the host site, furbymanual.com, also includes a lot of other furby-related pdfs for several generations.



i live with three 1998 furbies and two 1999 furby babies. my home also contains a 2013 loveby and a 2012 lagoona furby, for a total of 6 furbies! right now i really want a 2005 furby but i'm having trouble finding anyone in thrift stores

the picture above is of four of my 1998-1999 furbs! they are, from left to right:

seafoam - 1999 mint green furby baby with green eyes. a very pretty furby.

pepper - 1998 leopard furby with brown eyes.

obsidian - 1998 skunk furby with green eyes. oddly, as far as i know all skunks have white feet. but they have yellow feet. maybe they were replaced somewhere down the line??

daydream - 1998 owl furby with blue eyes. my first furby! not mute but quiet enough that i can't really hear them over their robotics, they're also really sleepy and have droopy eyelids. their fur's a lot scruffier than the rest. there are few things i would not do for this furby.


mary - 1999 curly white furby baby, bought in the box at an antique shop. has since been freed from the box, but remains the "newest" looking furby i have.



vintage furby ads and the like from youtube. these are oddly entertaining to watch