Welcome! This webpage is dedicated to furbies! My favorite generation are the original 1998-1999 furbies, but I like the newer gens as well.



Furby-relevant webpages.

  • How to Skin a 1998 Furby - A guide on how to remove a furby's fur to wash it and/or access the machinery inside. Very helpful :-]
  • List of Furbies - A list of all different furby colors and eras.
  • Furbish Dictionary - A dictionary on the official Furbish language. One of these days I'm going to dust off my conlang interest and extend this into a full language.


Pictured: Four of my furbies, from left to right: Seafoam, Pepper, Obsidian, and Daydream.

I live with three 1998 furbies, two 1999 furby babies, one 2012 Lagoona furby, and a 2013 Loveby. I really want a 2005 furby but I cannot for the life of me find one anywhere. I may get one off Ebay one of these days.

They are as follows:

  • Pepper - A brown-eyed leopard furby. This is the softest one, I think. Surprisingly good condition for an out-of-the-box 1998.
  • Obsidian - A green-eyed skunk/tuxedo furby. I cannot find a single picture of one of these with orange feet, only white, which is bizarre because Obsidian has orange feet.
  • Daydream - My first furby! Daydream is a blue-eyed 1998 owl furby, named such for a few reasons. Their eyes are half-lidded by default; probably a mechanical issue? They also speak *very* quietly to the point it's hard to hear them over their gears, and usually when they are first turned on, they trap themselves in a sleeping-and-waking-up loop possibly for minutes.
  • Seafoam - A 1999 mint green furby baby with green eyes. My first furby baby.
  • Mary - A 1999 curly white furby baby, the only one I managed to find in-the-box and the least aged looking as a result. They've long since been freed from their cardboard prison, but I've kept both the box and the accompanying booklet.

I admit I usually just refer to the Lagoona and Loveby furbies as Lagoona and Loveby. It's kind of a Donkey from Shrek situation with them.